Connecting a Trailer to the GMC Sierra 1500

Gone are the days of trailer connection issues. The GMC Sierra 1500 is a popular light-duty pickup truck that's built for easy towing. You can get this truck at Sheboygan Auto with a feature-rich trailering package.

The package makes it easier for drivers to connect their gear. The Rear Vision camera of the Sierra 1500 can be used to guide the truck to the hitch. It features a dynamic grid that moves in real time. It shows you distance, a projected movement line, and much more.

Once you get connected to the hitch, you can use the in-vehicle trailering application to make sure things are good to go. The intuitive application can be accessed on the infotainment screen. It has a departure checklist, a detector that senses the presence of the trailer, and a light sequence test to make sure that all the connections are solid. Many of these features can also be accessed on a smartphone companion application.



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