Durability and Dependability Features of the Ram 1500

If you are looking to purchase a reliable, durable, and light-duty pick-up truck, look no further than the new Ram 1500. Here are some durability features you will appreciate.

It doesn't matter the cost of your new truck, if it can't handle hauling the load, it's worthless. You will never have to worry that your Ram 1500 isn't up to the task. This truck is built for toughness, made of 50,000 psi steel with eight cross-member design that boosts frame strength.

One other thing you want in a new truck is the assurance it is a safe ride for all occupants. The Ram 1500 has dynamic crumple zones, multiple side-impact door beams, and several strategic airbags, working together to protect you and your passengers.

If you would like to see these features in action, come by Sheboygan Auto so you can take the Ram 1500 for a test drive today.



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