Back Up Safety in the Jeep Grand Cherokee

Backing up in any SUV is a dangerous job if your vision is blocked even a little. The new Jeep Grand Cherokee comes with a backup camera as a standard feature in all vehicles, but it also has a few additional benefits you might not realize provide additional safety measures while you drive.

The Parkview rear backup camera not only allows you to see when you are in reverse, it also allows you to see when you turn while in reverse. The dynamic lines in the camera give you your path, which helps you stay on course. Using the touchscreen Uconnect feature, the Jeep also allows you to hook up a trailer to the hitch the first time, every time. This camera gives you the exact location you need to park to make this happen.

Find out what you think about the Grand Cherokee’s many safety features by test driving a new model at Sheboygan Auto Group. Keeping the roads safer makes it easy to feel confident on the road.




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